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Rent a car in Sozopol Bulgaria with ”Star Rent a car” company.

The coveted family vacation is approaching, and what could be better than magnetic Sozopol. The company you can trust is “Star Rent A Car” – we offer full insurance for car rental Sozopol, free second driver, no credit card.

Among the conditions that we offer for renting a car in Sozopol is a full tank without refueling at the request of the client. The prices we advertise are final and include all taxes and fees to avoid surprises. In addition, we also offer Sozopol cabriolet rental so you can move with the breeze in your hair.

Rent a car Sozopol
Rent a car Sozopol

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Renting a car in Sozopol at a good price is a privilege that every day we put in the hands of our customers, allowing them to enjoy this beautiful city at its best.

A good way to get to know the city is of course by car, as you can safely walk through it to get closer to all corners. And thanks to Star Rent a car Bulgaria, it is fully accessible. We offer you the best car rental in Sozopol in our range so that you can choose the model that best suits your trip. Car rent Sozopol with or without a driver, no deposit. The company “Star rent a car” provides top rental conditions, no deposit and no additional fees. For your convenience, we have developed our website, where you can order a car for rent in Sozopol directly by email or call back at +359894737290.

Explore the old town with car rental in Sozopol – part of the UNESCO cultural heritage.

A beautiful resort town in southern Bulgaria. It is located 35 km from Burgas airport and if you rent a car you can easily reach it in about 40 minutes. The city in ancient times was called Apollonia – in honor of the god Apollo. Sozopol monaster “St. John the Baptist” is located on the site of the ancient Thracian settlement where the temple of Apollo the healer was located – ancient Apollonia zakrilnik. The most monaster on the border of the Bulgarian and Byzantine culture. This defines him as an important place in the period of Christianization of the Bulgarian land.

Rent a car Sozopol

The most interesting is the old town of Sozopol – declared as a cultural and architectural reserve. There you can see about 180 old houses that are being designed by the reserve. The romantic city is an attractive place for artists, painters and creators of art.

Creation and promotion of a cultural tourism product in the city of Sozopol by restoring the southern fortress wall and tower and building a public tourist infrastructure for people with disabilities.

As a result of the project, a sustainable tourism product was created, located on the territory of the archaeological reserve “Apolonia Antiquity”, Sozopol, Burgas region. The project has contributed to the economic and social development of local residents by improving the use of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Bulgaria, located in the territory of the municipality of Sozopol. The project consisted of the restored, preserved and popularized segments of the southern fortress wall and watchtower, built in the 4th – 14th centuries. A public bathroom for people with disabilities was built, as well as the corresponding infrastructure along South Panorama Street, allowing access to the preserved cultural values of all people, including the disabled.

Restoration and adaptation of a Renaissance house in the Apolonia archaeological reserve – Sozopol
Within the framework of the project, through construction, conservation and restoration, a typical Renaissance Sozopol house was adapted and socialized, located on the territory of the reserve. To achieve authenticity, traditional methods were used with appropriate regional characteristics – stone processing, masonry, carving.

Architectural and Historical Complex “Stenata” in the Archaeological Reserve “Ancient City of Apolonia” – Sozopol
The project included the restoration of the chapel, the construction of museum and exhibition halls in order to preserve and promote the preserved and restored movable and immovable cultural property.

Silhouette of the layout and exposition of the southern fortress wall and tower in Sozopol

As part of the project, a ramp was built to access the museum to the architectural and historical complex “South Fortress Wall and Tower” for people with disabilities. They were carried out and the preservation and restoration work on the section of the fortress wall of the ancient city of Apollo, including the general shape of the clock tower. Appearance on the street. The South Panoramic Alley has been improved with efficient lighting and terraced gardens with bushes and vines at the base of the fortress wall.

Archaeological research of the monastery “St. John the Baptist “on the territory of the archaeological reserve” Ivan and St. Petar “, conservation and restoration work in the reserve and in the town of Sozopol.
On July 28, 2010 at 1.30 pm, the project’s archaeological team discovered a marble reliquary in the altar of the main monastery church, dating from the late 5th-early 6th century. The lid of an exquisite stone box was closed with a red mortar.
The reliquary was opened on August 1, 2010 by a commission in the presence of official guests and journalists. It was founded and later became part of the relics of St. John the Baptist.

On August 5, 2010, the relics were transferred from the Archaeological Museum – Sozopol and exhibited for pilgrimage in the church “St. George “in the city. On June 25, 2011 with a lithological procession they were transferred from the church “St. George “in the restored Orthodox Church” of St. Saint Cyril and Methodius “.

Rent a car Sozopol

After research in the laboratory of radiocarbon research at Oxford University, scientists have proved that the found human remains are closest to the profile of a biblical person. The National Geographic Channel team meticulously documented the research process and dedicated themselves to the film’s unique find that has captured the attention of millions of viewers around the world.

The relics of a project funded by the Kingdom of Norway and implemented by the Sozopol Foundation have made the city one of the most famous and visited centers of pilgrim tourism in the Balkans and in Europe.

An architectural and historical complex with a museum collection “Southern Fortress Wall and Tower” – history, culture, tourism. The project is applying for “Tourism for Tomorrow”
The architectural and historical complex is the center of active tourism. It is visited by many tourists – Bulgarians and foreigners, on average 17-19 thousand people a year.

The town is under the protection of UNESCO and is home to the Church of the Holy Mother of God. It is notable for its architecture – houses with wood cladding and white brick color with a stone base, beautiful old churches. Each old house has its own history. Some of them are more famous “Kurdite’s house” and “the house on Todor Zagorov”.

If you rent a car in Sozopol, the mouth of the Ropotamo river or the Ravadinovo water park is located nearby. Beautiful dunes and clear sea attracts many tourists to the ancient city of Sozopol, where many historical monuments are collected. In the medieval city with a fence with a fortress wall, today you can still see fragments with a height of 3-4 meters.

The Church of the Virgin Mary is located in the northern part of Old Sozopol, to the left of the main street, towards the east.
The church was built in the 15th century on the site of an old medieval Christian church. Data on its existence date back to 1482. It was in the monastery of the monastery of St. John Prodrom, there is even a presumption that there was one of the city monasteries of Sozopol – “Virgin Mary”.

According to the plan, the church is a three-aisled pseudo-asalik with one apex. Outwardly, this is a very dispassionate, hidden, stunning building. It is dug into the ground (the eastern wall is a floor of bricks on a passing street) and looks almost unlike a house. This type is understandable as the latter was rebuilt during Ottoman rule.

Car rental Sozopol without a franchise and a minimum of formalities is an active vacation at Green Life Beach Resort.

A magical atmosphere combining the caress of the sea and the sun, the tranquility of the bay and beautiful panoramic views, cool forest and natural exotic sand dunes – all this offers Green Resort Life. A complex dynamic composition consisting of thirteen adjacent buildings with swimming pools and sunbathing areas, green areas and a beautiful adjoining tranquil, luxurious and romantic beach. Additional attraction and focus on an active, healthy lifestyle are tennis, football and basketball courts.

The complex has:

The pools are located in separate parts of the complex and are of various sizes and shapes. At the end of each pool there are sun loungers and parasols. Oval pool with children’s section and tents for relaxation or massage. You can enjoy a full meter of refreshing water relaxation, and our young guests have the opportunity to play for their own pleasure.

Rent a car Sozopol

Football and Basketball – The multipurpose court measuring 29 m / 18 m is designed and lined in such a way that it can be used for football and basketball matches. Whether you are a soccer or basketball fan, this course is an ideal terrain for sports and healthy exercise.

Volleyball court – located at the Life Beach Resort and can be used by anyone who wants to quickly get in good shape. This is the only place on the whole line where beach volleyball fans can test their skills or just have fun.

Tennis court, red clay and artificial lighting, making it usable and available to guests at any time of the day. Balls and racquets can be rented. There are also tennis lessons after registration. Courtney offers all the necessary facilities for both entertainment and regular exercise.

Children’s Center – Suitable for the entertainment of children of all ages. The closed part has slides, swings, games and a modular center. For a larger center, it offers billiards, air hockey, table football, electronic games and simulations.

Beauty – Offers hairdressing, manicure and pedicure. Our guests can pamper themselves with premium products and services in the gym. The materials used are products from leading brands. Protect your ideal look during your summer beauty salon vacation at the inexperienced Life Beach Resort.

Fitness – located in the beauty salon and can be used free of charge for all guests. It has a variety of modern appliances that ensure the best possible shape for each of the guests of Green Life Beach Resort.

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