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Rent-A-Car in Sozopol

Rent a car Sozopol Bulgaria – one of oldest city.

What is the main advantage of renting a vehicle Sozopol? Suppose you need a car or a minibus only on a case by case basis. In this situation, buying a car is unprofitable, since its use will be simply unprofitable.
Sozopol car rental services save you from such problems. At the right time you get a prepared car, with all the necessary documents for use. In our fleet a large selection of cars comfort, business and executive class.

Our advantages
Renting a car in Sozopol from our company is not only profitable, but also convenient. This statement is confirmed by the following factors:

You can rent a car with or without a driver;
round-the-clock car delivery is possible
quick paperwork. All you need to get a rental is a passport and driver’s license if you intend to take a car without a driver;
fleet with different models – there is something to choose from even the most fastidious customer;
unlimited mileage, provide a child seat and other additional services.
Perhaps you want to travel out of town for long distances? In this case, we are ready to provide you with a car and for such purposes – car rental for a trip along the Black Sea coast.


Terms of car rental Sozopol
Everything is very simple and aims to ensure that you make a minimum of effort. To book a car, you only need to choose the model that suits you. If necessary, we will send you more live photos of your chosen car. Directly for ordering you need to have a passport and driver’s license. Please note that driving experience, if you take a car without a driver, must be at least three years.

You can see for yourself that with our company renting a car in Sozopol is profitable and convenient. If in the process of choosing a vehicle or placing an order you have any difficulties, you can always count on our help. Contact managers are listed below. You can also use the callback service or simply email us.

Rent a car Sozopol Bulgaria
Bulgaria is an amazing tourist country, offering its guests resorts for every taste. Someone prefers to relax on the major resorts. Which are constantly on the ear. And some prefer the small and quiet cities on the coast, with their local unique flavor and history.
Sozopol is one of the brightest representatives of the latter category. Small and homely, with some unique atmosphere. Sozopol always pleases with his hospitality.
There is no domination of multi-storey hotels, and neat private hotels. Narrow cobbled streets, lush in greenery, and wooden houses. With red tiles in the old part of the city make it possible to feel the southern flavor in full.
Besides, choosing Sozopol as a place for family rest. You will live in one of the oldest cities on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, which was founded in 610 BC.
It remains to add that in 2017 the resort of Sozopol took the 6th place in the European Best Destinations rating. Along with such major tourist centers as Athens, Vienna and Madrid. Do you need more arguments in favor of recreation with children in Sozopol?
The first settlements on a small peninsula, where Sozopol is located. Emerged as early as the 4th millennium BC. e. Centuries passed, the city was destroyed and rebuilt, passed from hand to hand. Neither ancient buildings nor medieval fortifications have survived to the present day. But wooden fishing houses built in the 19th century survived.
Today Sozopol is divided into two parts. The Old – the historical part, declared as an architectural reserve. And the New City, where most of the hotels are concentrated. These two parts are separated by a park and a beach.
Traveling to the sea is always a joy. If we are talking about Sozopol, then this is a double joy. Firstly, there is a peaceful atmosphere here, and secondly, low prices. So if you want to relax with your child in a quiet and inexpensive resort, Sozopol will do just right.
There is almost no entertainment at the resort – perhaps that’s why active party-goers avoid it. But the rest in Sozopol with preschoolers will be successful. In the city there are playgrounds, kiddie rides and places for walking with a baby.
Do not, expect that the hotel will be engaged in the organization of children’s leisure. Only a few resort hotels offer entertainment for younger guests.
Yet, Sozopol for older children can also be a good place to rest. Near the city there are several recreation camps in which children under 7 and 18 are resting. If you are not ready to send the child to the camp, join him in the water parks of Nessebar, Sunny Beach and Primorsko.

Sozopol Bulgaria.

About when it is better to go to Sozopol, it is advisable to think even in winter. Rest on this resort is very popular. And the best accommodation options are snapping up like hot cakes.
The easiest way is to book a hotel or apartment in May or in the second half of September. This is not the best time for sunbathing and swimming. But for a relaxing holiday and walks, the end of spring and mid-autumn are quite suitable.
In July and August, the season in Sozopol is gaining momentum. Most people try to relax on the sea during the hottest months. And the most fertile time for rest with a child comes in September. When summer does not give up its positions, and many tourists return to work and study.
Summer in Sozopol is also a time of festivals. With a child it is interesting to visit concerts. Held in the framework of the children’s festivals “Sozopol Panorama” and “Sea Shell”.
Sozopol is located south of other resorts in Bulgaria. And therefore the season here lasts longer than in Albena or Golden Sands. The climate of Sozopol is close to the Mediterranean. The swimming season begins in late May and ends in late September.
With a baby in Sozopol, you can come in May. In the afternoon, thermometers in the sun show + 21 ° C, and by the end of the month the same temperature will be in the shade. Sunbathing and swimming is still a bit early. But you can breathe the sea air and enjoy the fresh greens in the city park. Sometimes in May it rains with thunderstorms.
But closer to July, the air temperature rises to + 28 ° С, and the sea also becomes noticeably warmer. The best rest in Sozopol with children falls on this time.
July-August is the peak season. The air temperature is rising, and the number of tourists is growing. During the day, the thermometer bursts to + 27-28 ° С, and sometimes they climb above + 30 ° С. Rains in this period are rare, and nothing will spoil the rest.
In order not to expose the child to the test of heat, we recommend to wait for the velvet season. In September, the daytime temperature drops to + 25 ° С. And at least until the middle of the month the weather is warm and sunny.
Often the summer heat lingers until the beginning of October. But already in November it gets colder up to + 14 ° С, it rains more and more often. Up until March in Sozopol it is cold and damp, although the southern winter is without frost. In April, the air warms up to + 16 ° C, and the city, warmed by the warmth of spring, blossoms. A characteristic feature of the weather in Sozopol is a cold snap. In summer, the temperature drops to + 16-18 ° С, and in spring and autumn it gets cold to + 12-15 ° С.
Sozopol boasts two sandy beaches: the South (or Harmani) and Central. At the South Beach, the entry into the sea is not too flat. But Central, thanks to the shallow water, is ideal for holidays with small children.
Both beaches are very well equipped, and the entrance to them is free.
Car rental Sozopol Bulgaria
Star rent a car care about your safety and comfort. And strive to provide the highest quality car rental services in Sozopol. Our service and conditions are designed for tourists from other countries and cities. For work and business, as well as for personal purposes! We guarantee an individual approach to each client. Due to the variety of cars available from our company. You can choose the right option for almost any purpose, and our specialists will be happy to help you with this.
At any time of the day,we will not leave you in trouble or an incomprehensible situation. And will do everything in our power to help.
To maximize your safety and comfort. Star rent a car check the condition of cars every day. As well as provide technical support to our customers during the rental. Repair and maintenance of the Star rent a car fleet. Takes place at certified service stations, only with high-quality materials and spare parts.

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