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Rent-A-Car in Golden Sands

Rent a car Golden Sands – general information.

RENT A CAR Golden Sands Bulgaria:
The life of a modern person is hard to imagine without a car. However, what to do if your own car broke down? Or do you come to Golden Sands for a few days and would like to rent a car at Golden Sands cheaply? Or maybe you are planning a trip out of town and you are interested in car rental in Golden Sands? The company Star rent a car Golden Sands is pleased to offer car rental in Golden Sands at low prices with favorable terms.

Our goal is to provide customers with a comfortable and inexpensive service. We offer a full range of car rental services in Golden Sands cheap. All cars are regularly serviced, in excellent technical condition and insured.

Rent a car in Golden Sands in Star rentacar Golden Sands – the main advantages:

1. Affordable rates.
2. Many ways to pay.
3. The ability to rent a car in Golden Sands without a driver.
4. Providing of cars on the day of request.
5. Round-the-clock service.
6. All cars are insured by third party insurance and have prepaid roadtax.
7. The minimum set of documents for registration of car rental in Golden Sands.
8. Rent a car in Golden Sands for a period of  minimum of three days.
9. Providing a child seat, charger and other optional equipment.
10. Discounts for regular customers.
11. The possibility of receiving the car at the airport.
You can book a car on the site Select the desired car, enter the contact information, the date, time and point of supply of the car, as well as the date, time and point of return of the car and we will respond in the near time. If you have any questions, call +359 894 73 72 90.

Rent a car Golden Sands Bulgaria

The resort is part of the Varna region, the administrative center of which is the city of Varna.

The place where the Golden Sands, got its name due to the luxurious beach. The legend tells that, long ago, pirates buried loot gold on the shore. Treasures crumbled into the sand, leaving the robbers with nothing. But the resort beaches are a real jewel of these places.

What are the main advantages of a family holiday in Golden Sands? Firstly – a well-developed tourist infrastructure. There is all, without exception, for a comfortable and interesting pastime. Hotels of any price category. A huge embankment with artists, shops, souvenir shops, bazaars, bars, and restaurants.
Secondly, a wonderful beach with golden fine-grained sand. The bottom is sandy without cliffs, although the entrance to the water is not as gentle as, for example, in Albena.

Thirdly, there is a comfortable, short-term transfer from the airport. And excellent transport links to Varna.

Enough number of hotels, where all the conditions are created to relax with the child. Also to children’s clubs and animation. Such hotels are valuable. Because they offer food “all inclusive” or even a special children’s menu.
The high season in Golden Sands is slightly shorter than in the resorts of the southern part of the coast. It can be divided into three parts, and each will have its pros and cons.

The first part of June. Although this is the opening of the season in Golden Sands. But the mass arrival of tourists will begin later. But for now, you can enjoy relatively empty beaches and the summer sun.

But, the sea is still chilly for bathing children. Find a hotel with a pool, and the sea temperature will not be so important. Sometimes June is rainy.

The second part is July and August. It’s time to sunbathe and swim. Many people think so, and so in the middle of summer, the resort hums like a beehive. When is it better to go to Golden Sands to join the noisy get-together? It is in these months.

The third part – the beginning of September. If you are lucky with the weather, this is a great time for a relaxing holiday. For the most part, the beginning of autumn is sunny. But it happens that in September it rains and the air temperature drops.

Rent a car Golden sands – easy like one, two, three.

No matter how rich the tourist infrastructure of Golden Sands would seem to be. There was still room for another important component – children’s camps.
Most often they work on the basis of the hotel and are located in the park. Thanks to the special climate of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, the rest will be healthier. And if you choose the right program, it will also be informative.
Good children’s camps work not only in Golden Sands. But also in neighboring resorts – in Albena, St. Constantine and Elena, in Varna.
Several mineral springs with proven effectiveness. Have been found in the Golden Sands Nature Park. Several hotels at the resort have their own balneotherapy centers. Which use water from local sources, as well as therapeutic mud. Wellness programs are designed mainly for adults.
If you prefer to spend time with children, we recommend the whole family to go to the aquapolis water park. It is decorated in a very unusual way. For example, in the children’s pool, instead of a bright playing town, there is a dragon.
And the kids fearlessly splash next to him. Especially as the dragon tongue became a comfortable slide. There are only five adult slides in the water park. But this is enough to raise the adrenaline level. We only mention the Kamikaze descent, rushing sharply down from a height of 18 meters.
In the evening, when the sun ceases to burn, it is time for walks. And the main place to walk with your child in Golden Sands is, of course, the embankment. Here and attractions, and trampolines, and electric car rental, and souvenirs, and sweets.
And, of course, barkers offering sightseeing trips to Varna. It is not necessary to join an organized excursion. But it is worth going to Varna – for the sake of a beautiful city, and for the sake of children’s entertainment.
To what to see in Golden Sands, you can also add the sights of Balchik. The botanical garden and the palace of Queen Mary. The historical and ethnographic museums.
We recommend to visit in the Golden Sands with a child and a natural park. In the southwestern part of which the Aladzha Monastery is located. There are walking paths along the green massif, which can be traveled on foot or by bike. Along the routes there are places for gatherings around the campfire. And some trails lead to observation platforms.
Since the list of what to see with children in Golden Sands turned out to be so short. Add to it the attraction of St. Konstantin and Elena resort – a botanical ecopark.
It is surprising how many exotic and rare plants are collected in it. Or you can just enjoy the scent of flowers, comfort and incredible purity. And what is nice, the ecopark is not turned into a museum. It is allowed to have picnics on its territory and have a rest in the open air all day long.
Car rental Golden Sands Bulgaria
Temporary car loss?
Unforeseen repairs, accidents, car sales and a choice of new ones. If you lost your vehicle, you should not get used to public transport or overpay in a taxi. Rent a similar car or another vehicle you like!
Business trip or vacation?
Booking a car in advance if you plan to visit Golden Sands as part of a business or leisure trip. You should not limit yourself in movement and adapt to others, take your car!
The advantages of rental in Star rent a car.
Chic selection of cars. Choose a car for yourself – there is a choice!
With us it is convenient. You can pick up and return the car at our office or any other area of ​​Golden Sands. Car rental star rent a car quality guarantee. You pay the rent when you receive the car.
Security. With the car you’ll have all the necessary documents for driving on the territory of Bulgaria.
Favorable prices in Star rent a car. We have affordable car rental prices and adequate requirements. Extra discounts are available when booking online.
Call at any convenient time at Star rent a car or leave a request for rental online.


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