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Rent-A-Car in Balchik

Rent a car Balchik – general information.

Rent a car Balchik Bulgaria

Rent a car in Balchik cheap
Hire car in Balchik with Star rent-a-car will save your time, energy and nerves and fill your stay in Balchik with comfort and convenience.

Need a car rental in Balchik? This ceases to be a problem if you contact our company, since you can rent a car from us, either as a passenger car or as a minivan or convertible. It should be said about the model range – with us you can pick up cars of both budget class and premium. In addition, it should be noted that we are constantly expanding the fleet, therefore, the choice only increases. At the moment, we operate a fleet of more than 150 cars.


It was founded more than 2600 years ago around the middle of the 6th century BC. of the Ionian colonists on the ruins of a much earlier settlement, known as Kurni – Izvori.

The daily Balchik is a seaside resort, which is located near Albena, Golden Sands and Kranevo. The resort offers its visitors gorgeous sandy beaches. An opportunity for complete rest and rich history.

In the city interesting landmarks are: Botanical Garden, Architectural – Park Complex Palace, Mutual School, Ethnographic Museum, Art Gallery, City Historical Museum. In the area of ​​Balchik are Cape Kaliakra, Kamen Bryag, Pobiti Kamani.

Balchik is a seaside resort located in a small bay, 31 km north of Varna, 37 km southeast of Dobrich and 500 km northeast of Sofia. Balchik is the third most important port in Bulgaria after Varna and Burgas. And is used for medium-sized passenger and commercial vessels.


Car rentala Balchik Bulgaria

The nearest airports to Balchik are in Varna (40 km) and Bourgas (140 km). From Varna Airport, take bus number 409 to the Varna bus station, from where shuttle buses go to Balchik. You can also order a taxi or private transfer.
There is no convenient communication between Balchik and Burgas Airport. Tour operators mainly pick up buses. Directly in the arrivals hall, you can agree with some of the meeting tour agencies to get on their bus. Also located in front of the airport is the Star Rent a car Balchik office, which provides car rental services. Having a car with Star rent a car Balchik is one of the most convenient ways to get to Balchik. Information about individual transfers. From the airports of Varna and Burgas is available on the official website of the company Star rent a car Balchik. Flight schedule posted on the airport website.
In the modern world, a car is not a luxury, it is a vital necessity.
Our company takes into account all the wishes and needs for people who come to our city for leisure or work. A different choice of car classes is perfect for business trips around the city, country rest. We offer both economy class cars for budget travelers. And comfortable business class cars.
Car rentals in Balchik from our company is, first of all, favorable conditions. Our cars pass regular and thorough technical inspection. It is a guarantee of safety and convenience on the roads. There is always a large selection of cars for every taste, color and wallet. And our discounts will delight you. With us you will definitely find the best option for yourself. You can always count on our help in emergency situations.
Renting a car in our company is an easy process.
Car hire Balchik in Star rent a car without a driver is a smart option for any consumer segment. Tourism, work, hunting, fishing and other purposes, we will find an option for everyone. The scope is unlimited due to a wide range of vehicles.



Botanical Garden with rented car in Balchik.

The Balchik Botanical Garden is one of the most interesting places. Ideal for family holidays and entertainment with children. Everything that you see here will make a lasting impression on you. Lakes with white lilies exuding a delicate aroma, ancient stone thrones, rare plant species, a picturesque seashore …
This paradise in Bulgaria is full of guests at any time of the year. Tourists coming to the seaside resort of Balchik. Consider it their holy duty to visit one of the most beautiful local attractions.
The botanical garden Balchik on the territory of the summer house. Belong of the Romanian Queen Maria. A lot of eminent scientists, biologists and botanists put all their strength and knowledge. To the botanical garden turned into a unique pictorial symbol of the city of Balchik. The garden area is small – only 6.5 hectares, but, a huge number of plant species are compactly located on them. Already at the entrance of the park. Guests are greeted by an excellently arranged collection of annual plants.
Here, close by are fragrant magnolias, vibrant bromeliads and aristocratic orchids. Today, the Balchik Botanical Garden has about 2500 species of herbs, shrubs and trees. Such an incredible variety of forms and types of plants makes the park look like a magical country. Here you will find many exotic palm trees.
As well as giant cacti, the collection of which is considered the second largest in all Europe. I especially like to treat these prickly desert dwellers to children. They wander with passion between cacti, trying to find at least one blooming.
By the way, for children in the botanical garden is a real expanse. Interesting plant species are represented at every turn. What are such unusual plants as pencil and candy trees, metasequoia. This is something that is not exactly meet in your yard! Metasequoia is a local unique instance. All residents of Balchik know its history. Until recently, it was believed that this tree had disappeared forever from our planet. But a few years ago, during one of the scientific expeditions. Bulgarian scientist Nikolay Stoyanov discovered the last living instance of Metasequoia on Earth.
It is worth noting that according to the Washington Convention (CITES). The Botanical Garden of Balchik is the official rescue center. For plant species confiscated at customs. The garden was awarded the honorary order of Saints Cyril and Methodiu. The second degree for a significant contribution to education and science.

Book a car in “Star rent a car Balchik” will give you the freedom to explore near beaches like Tuzlata or white cliffs. Tuzlata is known as an important mud and balneal (hydrothermal) resort center.



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