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What sights are there in Balchik?

The Botanical Garden is one of the main attractions of the town of Balchik. It is located on an area of 10 hectares. It is surrounded by a small summer palace that belongs to the past of the Romanian Queen Maria.

The gardens in Balchik are located on a steep slope covered with terraces on 6 terraces. Probably one for each of the queen’s children. More than 3000 kinds of flowers, shrubs and roses are grown here. And others, which are among the ornamental streams, waterfalls and rivers. The picturesque park was built between 1924 and 1936 by Jules Janin. It consists of over 210 types of trees. Numerous flowers and a large collection of cacti – over 260 species.

The botanical garden in Balchik has over 3000 rare and exotic plant species. They are part of the educational base of Sofia University.

Rent a car Balchik / Car rental Balchik Bulgaria
Rent a car Balchik / Car rental Balchik Bulgaria

Rent a convertible car in Balchik Bulgaria from the top company Star rent a car Bulgaria and visit the garden. Renting a car Balchik will solve the problem of visiting nearby beaches or just walking around interesting places in the city. The low prices for car rental Balchik, which we offer, will not significantly increase your expenses and will facilitate all plans for moving around the city. Renting a car and minivan in Balchik is especially convenient if you come with a family and a lot of luggage. Varna Airport is located about 30 km from the hotels in Balchik and you can get there by taxi or by booking a car in advance. Many positive reviews from our clients confirm the professionalism with which we work and our commitment to improve car rental services.

The biggest advantage to rent a car in Balchik is that you will not be dependent on public transport or taxis. This will help you manage your time in the best possible way. Renting a car in Balchik will provide you with convenience while traveling around the city or sightseeing.

The art gallery in Balchik is located in the former high school of the city. Reconstructed with funds provided by the Bulgarian Foundation for 1300 years. The total area of the exposition is more than 800 sq. M. On the ground floor there are exhibition halls for temporary and guest exhibitions and a hall for foreign art.

The second floor houses the permanent exhibition of the museum. It includes the most significant works of Bulgarian artists.

It presents chronologically the art of the first half of the twentieth century. The transition period (decade of the 50s) and the newest era. Marine themes, landscapes from old Balchik, portraits and still life prevail. The graphics of famous Bulgarian authors also stand out.

Rent a car Balchik / Car rental Balchik Bulgaria

Near Balchik there is Albena resort and Golden Sands, as well as a golf course. Renting a car Balchik with Star rent a car Bulgaria will give you the opportunity to explore nearby beaches such as Tuzlata or White Rocks. Tuzlata Balchik is known as an important mud and balneological (hydrothermal) spa center.

The healing mud of Tuzlata to Balchik is taken from two lime trees. It is used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The resort has a calo-balneotherapy center that performs mud treatments. There is also a specialized children’s sanatorium in Balchik with long-term rich traditions (for the treatment of children under 14 years old). It works all year round.

Curator of the first museum in South Dobrudja. Preserves finds that illustrate the material culture of the population of Balchik and its environs since the city was founded in the 6th century BC. until 1940. The exposition also includes marble statues and epigraphic monuments from a find in Balchik – the Temple of the Pontic mother goddess KIBELA – “the discovery of the century”, according to Bulgarian and foreign archaeologists. Built in 280-260 BC. and existed until the 4th century AD. In terms of the number and variety of images, this is the largest group of movable monuments associated with the cult of Cybele, found so far in one place. The investigated ancient temple is the only temple of Cybele discovered so far in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, the best-preserved Hellenistic temple in Bulgaria and the only so well-preserved temple of the goddess in the world.

Rent a car Balchik / Car rental Balchik Bulgaria

Ethnographic Museum Balchik is located in a beautiful restored house of a Balchik merchant – grain and retains the comfort of city and village rooms of the late 19th century. On two floors, through authentic items are shown: crafts – bicycle, blacksmith, carpentry, cooperage; livelihood and lifestyle balchikli / work and party costumes, fishing nets, looms and harvesting tools, ornaments / etc.

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The Balchik History Museum is located in four different buildings. Its foundation is associated with the archaeological research of Karl Shkorpil back in 1907. An art gallery opened thirty years later. An archaeological exhibition and an ethnographic exhibition located in the royal summer residence.
At the end of August 1940, they ceased to exist. Most of the exhibits of cultural value were exported to Romania. Two decades later, the museum reopened. In the following years, he performed active collection and research work. Today it contains over 20,000 artifacts that are part of the cultural heritage of Bulgaria. They are divided into several sections: archaeological, ethnographic and artistic and are presented in various exhibitions.

Archaeological Display Balchik

The exposition presents in chronological order the history of the city from the moment of its foundation in the 6th century. BC. until his liberation from Romanian rule in 1940. The exposition includes a collection of archaeological finds of late antiquity and a medieval fortress in the Horizon area, settlements near the Dzhenny hill, a medieval ritual necropolis on the territory of the Balchik airbase, the ancient Kurgan in the Taushan-Tepe region and the temple of the Great Mother Goddess Cybele.

Rent a car Balchik / Car rental Balchik Bulgaria

Monument to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker “Balchik”:

“St. Nikolay “Balchik was built in 1845 under the board of the renowned revival of Koyu Raichev. Only three years later, the temple was possessed by the Greek church authorities and was destroyed shortly thereafter. The vigilant inhabitants of Balchik succeeded in 1866 to recover as a result of a bitter struggle for religious and national dependence. In the church “St. Nikolay’s icons are displayed from all over Dobrudja.

The temple has a mutual school, which is the first Bulgarian school in Balchik. Students were taught peer learning techniques, and the larger ones helped teach the younger ones. The school exhibits old books and antiques.

Church “St. Mch. George the Victorious “Balchik was built in 1897. It is the largest temple in the territory of Balchik municipality. Architecturally, it is a three-span domed structure where, instead of columns, the structure is supported by pylons. Entrance from the west, there are two small doors from the south.

The church features a carved iconostasis carved by the famous carvings of Vasily and Philip Avramovi and the sons of Ivan and Joseph Filipovi from the village of Osoy Debarsko. These same masters cut off the royal throne.

Chapel “St. Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary ”Balchik

The chapel was built in 1926 when the palace of the Romanian queen Maria was built. Frescoes from Romanian artists and iconostasis from Greece. Today the preferred wedding venue for newlyweds.

St. St. Constantine and Helena

The temple was built in 1384 and is a three-aisled basilica with a simple semi-cylindrical ceiling. The church has only a wooden iconostasis without the presence of art monuments. A special feature of the temple is that it has amazing acoustics and is a preferred venue for concerts and music recordings. It is located next to the art gallery in Balchik. “St. Venerable Paraskeva – Petka Tarnovska ”Balchik. Temple construction“
St. Reverend Paraskeva – Petka Tarnovskaya ”began in 1936 by the Romanian authorities and lasted until 1938. The construction of the building was entrusted to the foreman Nikolai (Kol) Penchev from Dobrich.
When Dobrudzha was liberated in 1940, the construction was interrupted due to a number of historical circumstances, and two years later the unfinished temple was adopted by priest Vasily Delev Demirov. Using the funds raised in kind and in cash, he graduated from the masters Dimitar Dugerov and Angel Nenov from Dobrich. The temple is made of stone with a mortar, the bell tower and cube are made of concrete, which are later clad with copper. The church houses a Sunday school of faith under the direction of Protorieri George.

Rent a car Balchik / Car rental Balchik Bulgaria

What you need to know about renting a car in Balchik?

Rent a car Balchik without a deposit.

Car rental in Balchik Bulgaria – a beautiful seaside resort located in a small bay. Only 30 km north of Varna, 36 km south-east of Dobrich. Balchik is the third most important port in Bulgaria. Varna and Burgas are used for medium sized vessels. Car rental Balchik Bulgaria with zero deductible and all insurances, we offer child seats, navigator and other additional equipment. Our staff can meet you at the nearest airport Varna, Burgas or Otopeni, or arrange an individual transfer to your hotel. In Balchik we also offer for rent convertibles with automatic transmission and different cars of many brands and models.

Car rental Balchik is not just a rentacar business.

During your stay in Balchik, it is convenient to rent a car from Star rent a car and make it easier for you to get around the city. Our cars are insured and the rental process is quick and easy. Find the car you want on our website and place an order in just a few clicks. All cars for rent in Balchik are air-conditioned and make the trip a real pleasure. You can use the services of an additional driver or change your booking free of charge – all this is included when ordering a car rental Balchik.

Rent a car Balchik / Car rental Balchik Bulgaria

Why is it worth renting a car in Balchik with us?

Star Rent a Car Bulgaria was founded in 2008, but our experience goes back to the early days of taxi service in Bulgaria. The founders of the company have been doing this long before they started using intercity taxi services. The experience of Star Rent a Car Bulgaria has been developed and there is a close cooperation that allows the company to take full advantage of the best technical facilities for car maintenance in Bulgaria.

Able to satisfy all the needs of the clients for car rental Balchik, no matter what the client’s driving preferences are, we made sure that we had the right car model to satisfy them. Our Balchik rent a car is expanding from small, medium, luxury to 4×4.

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Car rental Balchik Bulgaria without a deposit.

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