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The town of Pomorie is located in southeastern Bulgaria and is the center of the municipality of Pomorie. The city has a unique nature, which makes it an attractive place for year-round recreation and treatment of various diseases. It is located on a narrow rocky peninsula (3.5 km long in the Black Sea) at a distance of 20 km from Burgas and 18 km from the Sunny Beach resort.

The city was founded in the 4th century BC. nearby is a salt lake, called “sacred” by the ancient Thracians because of its healing powers.

The climate is extremely favorable: the duration of sunshine reaches 2360 hours a year. The average temperature of air and water in July is 23.6 ° C. Sea breezes periodically refresh the air.

Thousands of people a day pass through the salt urns in Burgas to immerse themselves in red liquor, cling to white salt and smear with black mud. Talk of their healing effects has been passed on by word of mouth for several decades, to become the site of the largest inorganic sanatorium in the country in recent years.

Black Sea lye is the end product of salt mining and is obtained from brine (lake water) of the salt lakes of Pomorie and Burgas after evaporation of water in salt mines and salt crystallization.
It remains above the salt layer in the form of a thick oily liquid with a lilac color and a faint smell of hydrogen sulfide.

Rent a car Pomorie

Pomorie brass matures and is suitable for medical use (the so-called medical lye) from August to September. Once stabilized, it is extremely important to stabilize within 24 hours, because otherwise it loses some of its valuable healing properties and additionally crystallizes as the salt content is up to 70%.

The unique healing properties of Pomorie alkali are due to its rich mineral and organic composition. It contains all the ingredients of sea water and brine, but in a much higher concentration.

The content of calcium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, bromine, sulfates, hydrocarbons, many microelements, organic substances prevails. For this reason, it is considered more valuable and beneficial than Dead Sea salts, if an analogy is to be drawn. It is more skin-friendly as it has a pleasant, oily consistency. The suspension is similar in composition to mud, therefore it has an effect similar to the healing mud extracted from these lakes.

It contains inorganic compounds such as silicates, sands, gypsum, iron and aluminum compounds, various hydroxides and salts. This composition has been formed over millennia as a result of the decomposition of unicellular organisms, algae, fish, crabs, and mussels. One centimeter of therapeutic mud in Pomorie is formed at least in a year.

The shelf life of therapeutic mud is up to a month, and with proper storage, but before stabilization, its service life increases to 3-4 years. Then some of its medicinal properties are reduced. Proper storage of medicinal mud is enriched with alkali after each opening of the container in which you keep it. Throw in some lye so it is completely covered.

The more beneficial the treatment, the dirtier the black color, because it is rich in hormones and antibiotics. The essence of mud therapy consists in a complex effect on the entire peripheral nervous system. Its thermal properties dilate blood vessels and open new capillaries. It reduces swelling and pain, spreads pathological products in the human body, heals and smoothes wrinkles, improves metabolic and regenerative processes.

In addition to healing, the mud in Pomorie beautifies and rejuvenates. The skin allows calcium, iodine, phosphorus and others to pass through. It helps to heal the bones after the fracture. Treats almost the entire range of skin diseases, arthritis, disc herniation, gynecological problems, plexitis.

Apply the lye all over your body and leave it on for 20 minutes until it dries up and turns into small crystals on your body. Then apply healing mud and stand for another 20 minutes. When completely dry, wash in the sea or lake.

Rent a car Pomorie

These procedures in Pomorie must be continued for at least 10-15 days in order to have an effect. If you are at sea for fewer days, you can take the mud and lye and go home. Of course, this reduces efficiency, but it is more than nothing.

The longevity of the healing properties of alkali is great. It is good to store it in a dark, cool and airy place in a glass container. The Gulf of Pomorie is preferred by yachting and sailing, and the harbor by fishermen. Together with the traditional livelihoods of the local population (viticulture, wine production, salt production and fishing) tourism and accompanying activities make Pomorie an attractive resort for tourism and balneology.

Sights of the city – Ayazmo in the St. George Monastery. According to history, parts of the relics of St. George are buried there, and the source above them is with healing water. The annual fair of the city is organized on May 6, as it is a tradition to visit Ayazmo, where everyone pours water for health. Historical Museum – Pomorie has been kept for almost two decades and demonstrates a significant part of the cultural and historical heritage of the city and the region.

The museum building is a cultural monument. It was built during the last two decades of the 19th century, when the Greek girls’ school was originally housed. The museum has a rich archaeological exposition consisting of unique exhibits. This is an exciting excuse to visit the city to see the local customs and festive atmosphere. The city is a great place for family tourism.

Thanks to its interesting infrastructure, pleasant and safe beaches, the city has become a favorite destination for families with small children. Part of the summer events in the city are “Sea Week” and “Yavorov Days”. Both events are celebrated with daily concerts and public events that pleasantly surprise holidaymakers in the city every summer.

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