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Top car rental service in Pomorie at low cost.

Rent a car Pomorie Bulgaria

Rent a car in Pomorie
Star rent a car offers the residents of Pomorie and the guests of the resort. Living in hotels and arriving at the airport to use the service – to hire a car without a driver in Pomorie. Our rental car in Pomorie for over 10 years provides the highest level of service. We value our customers and offer rental cars of all classes and brands. Rent car Pomorie – all cars are insured by third party and casco insurance. Our rent cars in Pomorie are regularly serviced by authorized dealers and will give you only positive emotions. Delivery to the airport during working hours free of charge! Car hire in Pomorie without deposit and credit card.
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Pomorie Bulgaria.

Car rental Pomorie Bulgaria
In the list of Bulgarian seaside towns Pomorie resort stands out. Firstly, because it is the center of salt mining. Secondly, because from the bottom of the Pomorie lake get therapeutic mud.
Thirdly – and this is perhaps the main argument. In Pomorie a huge water park opened, which has no equal in the whole of Bulgaria.
For all that, Pomorie remained a quiet city, and therefore, a good place for a family holiday. Sunny summer, warm sea, sandy beaches, cheap hotels (and expensive ones too) – he has everything.
The town of Pomorie is a summer resort in Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast. It is located in the southern part of the coast. In the territory of the Burgas region (the administrative center is Burgas).
The distance from Pomorie to Bourgas is 18 km, to Sozopol – 51 km, to Primorsko – 68 km, to Nessebar – 26 km, to Sunny Beach – 27 km.
In the 5th century BC, the Greeks from Apollonia (now Sozopol) founded the colony of Anchialos. On the peninsula where Pomorie is located. It was very important to be fixed on this place. The extraction of sea salt was organized here, and salt was valued very expensively.
The salt extracted from the Anchial ponds is transported all over the Balkan Peninsula. And even today the situation has not changed much. Except that tourists now buy the Pomorie salt and deliver it to all countries of the world.
Travel to Bulgaria usually begins with travel sites with reviews of tourists. The choice of where to relax with a child does not lie in the “good – bad” plane. Someone is looking for a lively resort with amusement parks. Someone is an extensive excursion program. Someone is a respectable beach complex away from cities.
The calm atmosphere in Pomorie is related to the fact. That it is a small town with a population of 14 thousand people and that it is not the center of resort life. In high season, the number of inhabitants in Pomorie, of course, increases. But there are fewer tourists than in Burgas, Nessebar or Sunny Beach.
This is a good place for families with a baby: no noise will prevent the toddler from sleeping.
But the situation with the cost of rest has changed a little. Pomorie with children came in search of affordable housing. And the resort had mostly three-star hotels and unpretentious apartments.
Now the city has acquired several solid complexes. Where there is everything for families with children. And even the “all inclusive” system is offered. The number of spacious, well-equipped apartments has also grown.
Rest in Pomorie could be called boring. There are only two museums and one archaeological monument. The situation is saved by the fact that there are plenty of attractions around the resort. And for a trip on an excursion it is better to rent a car with or without driver.

Convertible rental Pomorie – no extra costs, no hidden taxes.

The graph of air temperature in Pomorie is the same gentle as the sand dunes located near the resort. The winter at the resort is warm, the summer is hot. The weather in spring and autumn is similar to the summer. You can swim in the sea until October – in general, the climate of Pomorie is exactly what a seaside resort should be.
By mid-May, the air in Pomorie warms up to + 20-24 ° С, but a cold sea and frequent rains can prevent proper rest with the child. In June, the rain is also not uncommon, but the air temperature rises to + 25-28 ° C, and the water in the sea gradually warms up.
You can count on the best holiday in Pomorie with children in September, when the summer heat leaves. The air temperature drops to + 25 ° С, almost equalizing with the sea temperature. This is a good time to travel with a baby in Pomorie: acclimatization is likely to pass unnoticed.
The weather in the second half of September is unpredictable. But usually by the end of the month the air cools down to + 20 ° С, it rains more and more often. In early October, the resort is empty – until next spring in a small town there is nothing to do.
No matter how hot the spring is in Pomorie, the swimming season opens no earlier than in mid-June. This is due to the cold water that currents bring from the bays of the Odessa region. So in May, when the sea temperature barely falls to + 18-19 ° C, almost nobody bathes in Pomorie.
With the arrival of summer, the water gradually warms up. Even if June is not very good, the water in the sea warms up to + 23 ° С. In July and August, the water temperature in Pomorie rises to + 24-26 ° С.
The sea remains as warm in the first two or three weeks of autumn. Then the water gradually cools down. And already in early October, the water temperature drops to + 20 ° С.
In Bulgaria, the all-inclusive system is not widespread. But it is still found in small separate resorts. In Pomorie, all inclusive offer several hotels in the new city. But more often the restaurants of the hotels work à la carte.
Car rentals Bulgaria
The choice of restaurants, pizzerias, cafes in Pomorie is quite good. As elsewhere, you should focus on the places where local residents dine. With fine cuisine here is rather weak, but real Bulgarian cuisine can be tasted.
For fresh vegetables and fruits, you need to go to the market in the very center of the city. For fresh fish – to the fish shop, the rest of the products are sold in supermarkets (they are in all parts of the city).
Pomorie Bulgaria rentacar
Star rent a car is your reliable parner to rent a car in Pomorie.

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