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Rent-A-Car in Sunny Beach

Rent a car Sunny Beach Bulgaria.

Rent a car Sunny Beach Bulgaria
Sunny Beach, located on the south coast, is the largest and most famous resort in Bulgaria. Which is perfect for family holidays. It is often compared with the equally popular North Coast resort of Golden Sands. Which is really very similar to it in its energy and the proposed style of recreation.
The lively, energetic resort of Sunny Beach. With a lot of entertainment for children and adults is energizing, shaking, inviting to have fun.
Of course, if you want a quiet and relaxing family vacation. We recommend that you look at other cities to avoid disappointment. This resort is quiet and calm only at night. In the daytime the eight-kilometer strip of a sandy beach becomes the epicenter of all events. And in the evening the city is noisy, having fun, shimmering with lots of lights and music. The quay with rows of restaurants and souvenir shops is filled with crowds of vacationers.
While the popular resort has not attracted you to the holiday whirlwind, we offer an impartial look at it. Fortunately, even an exacting critic will come to the conclusion that Sunny Beach is suitable for children as well as possible.
1. This is a great place for recreation. The mild climate, the huge sandy beach, the gentle entry into the water. The shallow and very calm sea – the kids will not be able to ride the waves and build sand castles for anything.
2. This is a resort with a huge amount of children’s entertainment. If you are going to Sunny Beach with children, explore all the possibilities of your hotel. There will most likely be a playground, a kid’s pool with slides, a games room.
And it is almost everywhere in the evenings for children arrange mini-discos. This kind of entertainment, so loved by children, is a must in the list of recreation programs. Children’s rides can also be found on the promenade and on the beaches.
3. This is a resort with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Rest in Sunny Beach brings pleasure. Thanks to the presence of hotels of different price categories. Restaurants, shops, souvenir shops, clubs and discos. A tourist electric train runs through the resort – it’s easy to get anywhere.
4. This is a resort that is far enough from major roads to get a “blue flag”. For environmental well-being, and close enough to the airport so that traveling to a place of rest does not take long.
5. This is a resort where the all-inclusive power system is very popular. And although the dishes of the Bulgarian cuisine are tasty and healthy. The opportunity not to think about baby food saves much time, time, and sometimes money.
Summer in the southern resorts of Bulgaria is slightly warmer. And longer than the northern ones. The holiday season here lasts from late May to late September.
The opening of the season in Sunny Beach. That can be considered the day when Action Waterpark receives its first visitors. This usually happens in the last decade of May. Until the middle of September, all the pools are open in the water park.
The second half of summer is the peak of the season in Sunny Beach. If the vigorous resort life does not scare you, then at this time you can relax on the sea. But if you think about when it is better to go to Sunny Beach. So as not to fight for a place in the sun, plan a trip for the first days of September.
Usually in early autumn the weather is good, and vacant places finally appear on the beach.
May heat is very unstable. That heat comes to the resort, then cold weather is coming with rains. But in June, the weather is leveled. The air temperature rises to + 25 ° С, rains become rare and short-term. It is advisable to come to rest with the child in the second half of June, when sea water warms up well.
The last days of summer and the beginning of autumn is a wonderful time for a holiday in Sunny Beach. In the afternoon, on thermometers it is only + 25 ° С. The sea is still warm, and sunbathing lovers are not crowded on the beach.
In the second half of September it gets colder. Although often the weather keeps clear and warm for a whole month. In October, there is an intoxicating silence at the resort. Tourists are leaving, entertainment centers are closing. Rent car Sunny Beach

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The wide and long sandy beach is the main pride of Sunny Beach. The flat coastline, covered with fine sand, stretches for 8 km, from Nessebar to Sveti Vlas. For the cleanliness and environmental safety. The North and South beaches of the resort are the European Blue Flag certificate.
This award went to the coast . The city is away from highways and railways. Perfect cleanliness is maintained on the beach. And thanks to the carefully thought. Out infrastructure, a beach holiday in Sunny Beach is always pleasant and safe.
In the afternoon, the water becomes cloudy due to the agitated sand. But by the next morning the sea becomes clear again. Sometimes it brings algae to the shore, but they are immediately removed. Entrance to the beach is free, fees are only if you want to use the sunbed and parasol.
A part of the coast is landscaped by hotels. Usually such places are completely filled with sun loungers. And it will not be possible to settle down on the sand. But on a huge beach there is enough space to sunbathe for free.
In high season on the beaches of the resort a lot of people. For their amusement, entertainment infrastructure works – even diving training offered.
In Sunny Beach there are surprisingly many hotels offering all-inclusive meals. On the one hand, it removes concerns about where to eat and how to feed the child.
Many dishes from the Bulgarian cuisine are suitable for baby food. And there are plenty of national restaurants in the resort. During a self-catering holiday in Sunny Beach with children. You will find several pleasant restaurants near your hotel or apartment.
If you are going to cook by yourself. Then you can buy all the necessary products in the Mladost supermarket in the center of the resort. Also in Sunny Beach there are several smaller stores. If you wish, you can go shopping in Nessebar.
Car rental Sunny Beach Bulgaria
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Working in Varna and Burgas. Our clients are always sure that wherever they are. We will provide them with a car that meets the characteristics of a particular task. So, while on holiday in Sunny Beach, you can take a car to use . To always control the situation, and not rely on a taxi or public transport. Also, you always have a choice – to take the car with the driver or get behind the wheel yourself.
Our consultants will always help you to choose a car for you according to your status and budget.
Enjoying the trips on our cars, whether by yourself or with a personal driver. You can always be sure of the excellent technical condition of our cars.
Professionalism, clear coordination, care for each client. This is what makes our company Star rent a car a is reliable partner, set up for long-term cooperation.
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