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Rent-A-Car in Nessebar

Rent a car Nessebar Bulgaria. Star rent a car – company you can trust.

Car rental Nessebar Bulgaria
Compared with many resorts in Bulgaria, Nessebar has one big advantage. A great opportunity to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing, which the Old Town is so rich with.
So, you can be sure: family vacation will be rich and exciting, even if you will not go outside the resort.
As for the rest, the resort of Nessebar looks exactly like a town on the seashore should look like. Old houses, new hotels, summer bliss, a sandy beach and a warm sea. When to go, what to do, what to see and where to live. In our review there is everything you need to know about holidays with children in Nessebar.
Nessebar is located in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In the Burgas region, the administrative center of which is the city of Burgas. Nessebar consists of two parts – the Old and New Towns.
Old Nessebar – the historical part. Which is located on a small peninsula and through the isthmus. With a length of 400 meters is connected to New Nessebar.
The old part of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Thracian settlement of Mesembria once stood on the site where Nessebar is located. The remains of the fortress walls and towers have survived to the present day.
Why do we recommend to come to Nessebar with children? First, because it is a quiet resort on the warm sea. Air temperature + 27 ° С, sea temperature + 24 ° С. This is the weather forecast in Nessebar for the summer months.
When the sun shines in the sky, and the sea rustles at his feet, worries disappear from their heads by themselves.
Secondly, because it is a beautiful city. The old part of Nessebar with its narrow cobbled streets. Is interesting for the traditional Bulgarian architecture. A large number of churches listed in the UNESCO world cultural monuments list. As well as well-preserved medieval ruins.
A pleasant addition to the visitors of the Old Town are the many streets with souvenir shops. Restaurants and cafes, allowing you to truly enjoy your holiday at the seaside resort.
Thirdly, because it is a boring city. Nessebar for children – a lot of playgrounds. A small amusement park and a very large water park, children’s billiards and bowling.
With a baby you can walk in the city park, and with older children to conquer the dunes on the beach.
Fourthly, because it is a cozy city. You will enjoy a wide range of modern hotels. Villas and apartments of various price categories and for every taste. They are all neat, with a good level of service.
Here are more modern hotels with all the amenities. And prices are lower compared to similar options in the Old Town. Present all the necessary infrastructure for families with children. Sandy beaches in New Nessebar are perfect for family holidays. ”
Accommodation in Old Nessebar is a pleasant option. If you like city walks more than beach idleness. To live in the colorful center is a bit more expensive than on the seashore, and you will have to walk longer to the sea. There are also beaches in the Old Town. But they are small, the coast is covered with a middle and shallow shell, and in some places with stones.
Choosing a hotel where to stay in Nessebar, you should not count on a wide range of services for children. Most of the resort hotels are designed for budget holidays.
This means that you will have a clean room in which, if necessary, will install a cot. But a large green area, playgrounds, children’s pools and animation are only in a few large hotels. Located between Nessebar and Ravda. The situation is saved by the fact that there are enough places in the resort for walks and children’s games.
Since the resort hotels are not aimed at organizing children’s leisure. You can choose private accommodation for independent recreation in Nessebar with children.
You can also stay in the vicinity of Nessebar, for example, in Ravda, Sveti Vlas or Sunny Beach. Near Nessebar a lot of private housing is rented, and the city is accessible by bus.
If, after all, your choice fell on this charming resort. And you yourself decide the question of where to stay in Nessebar with children. We recommend that you sign up in advance with the owners of hotels or apartments. As the best or specific rooms are often booked six months and sometimes before.
Note that in Nessebar you can relax without children, but next to them. There are several summer camps in Sunny Beach with excellent conditions for schoolchildren.
The child will rejoice at the opportunity to spend time in the company of his peers. And you will be able to visit him as often as you like.

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The main goal of the trip to Nessebar is, of course, sea holidays. Since the city is located on the southern coast. The swimming season in Nessebar begins at the end of May and lasts until the end of September.
Coming to the opening of the season in Nessebar makes sense if you are not going to swim in the sea. Sea water will warm up by the end of June, and until that time it will be necessary to take only sun baths.
The answer to the question when it is better to go to Nessebar can be found in the calendar of cultural events. In June, the city hosts the children’s festival “Sun, Joy, Beauty”. In July – several creative festivals, in August – a major pop-rock fest, and in September there is a honey fair.
Besides, on August 15, Nessebar celebrates the day of the city. And this is a reason for colorful shows and fireworks. Information about the most interesting events is published on the official website of Nessebar.
There are no special features for a beach holiday in Nessebar. The coast is clean, well-groomed everywhere. The infrastructure is developed, and entertainment is available. And yet not all the beaches of the resort are suitable for family holidays at the seaside. It is better to leave stony parts of the coast to unpretentious tourists, and with children sit on the sand.
Near the “South” there is a small beach, which adjoins the city park. It does not differ in landscaping, but there are few tourists. With the onset of heat, you can move to the park – the children will be happy to explore new playgrounds.
Sandy beach “North” also boasts a clean and good infrastructure. But for a holiday with a child, it is not very convenient, since there are rocky areas at the entrance to the sea. Also, during a storm, algae nails to the shore.
The territory and beach of New Nessebar smoothly turn into the famous resort Sunny Beach. So if you suddenly get bored or, for example, want to swim and sunbathe somewhere else – welcome to Sunny Beach!
There are several beaches in the old part of the city, but they are not sandy. You can sunbathe on the landscaped beach near the Sea Port. The coast is covered with a small shell, which is very pleasant to walk on. But in the summer months the bottom is overgrown with algae, so you hardly want to swim there.
Rent a car old town Nessebar Bulgaria
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