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Rent a car Kranevo

Kranevo is located in northeastern Bulgaria, Dobrich region. The city was named Ekrene.
Tourism is the main occupation and priority of the village of Kranevo. A tourist information center was built, which is run by the Balchik municipality and helps the development and good service of tourists.

The village spreads over an area of 140 hectares, with 450 houses and about 730 permanent residents.
There is a kindergarten in the village. The local community center is called Bacho Kiro and has many books for children and adults. In the created Pension Club, a group was formed for old city songs.

There is also a well-equipped gym. A medical and dental department is available for public health.
The beach in the village of Kranevo is a preferred destination for Russian tourists. There are many rest houses and a national children’s center in it. Village guests can also stay at home in the village.

The Cat Festival Kranevo is a traditional maritime festival for the northern Black Sea coast. In 2016, the first edition took place, in 2017 the festival was attended by over 20,000 people, and the dates for 2018 are already clear.

Through the activities of the festival, the aim is to attract mainly Bulgarian tourists, active people who want to have fun with their friends, families and children.

The festival will take place on the territory of the Kranevo village in several main places. There, in time and space, thematic events will be held – concerts, dance performances, summer cinema, games, competitions, culinary demonstrations, competitions.

Rent a car Kranevo

Popular Bulgarian artists and ensembles will be on the main stage in Kranevo, and on Saturday we prepared a special surprise! The program starts on Friday and ends on Sunday.

A special festival zone will be created in the North Beach area.

All culinary whims of the marine theme will be fulfilled. In the tents built for the festival, some of the best chefs in Kranevo will cook in front of you. There are hundreds of liters of beer and tons of fresh king!

In the children’s play area, the program will run over the weekend, and the program will include additional entertainment at the festival. Many new buildings have been built around the beach in the past few years. The beach is great, the water is clean and warm.

Kranevo beach is one of the most peaceful, clean and beautiful beaches on the Bulgarian coast. This place is picturesque and beautiful and captivates anyone who sees it at least once. Mostly families and couples who don’t like crowded resorts. Vanilla Beach, as this beach is still famous, is especially suitable for romantic walks at night on the beach.

Kranevo beach is long and spacious. There is plenty of space for all visitors, as well as for activities such as beach volleyball and football. Interestingly, the beaches of Kranevo and Albena are close to each other, and you can walk between the two resorts just by walking on the sand.

Baltata-reserve is located in the village of Kranevo and 11 km from the town of Balchik, located in close proximity to the Albena resort and the Batova river.

The following are registered on the territory of the reserve:
– more than 260 plant species, 26 of which are protected species
– more than 180 species of amphibians
– 36 species of mammals and 16 species of fish

In the area of the reserve there are information boards where visitors can learn more about the flora and fauna. The reserve is protected, but has free access.

The visit to the protected area is governed by certain rules.

Rent a car Kranevo

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