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Rent-A-Car in Kranevo

Rent a car Kranevo Bulgaria – general Information.

Rent a car in Kranevo without collateral on the best conditions
Star rentacar Kranevo offers the most comfortable car rental conditions for you.

Minimum documents and loyal requirements for tenants. To rent a car in Kranevo, you only need a passport and driver’s license with the experience of 3 years.
Registration of the contract within 15 minutes. To do this, send in advance scans of the necessary documents by e-mail to
No mileage limits for long-term rent in Kranevo Bulgaria. Taking the car from us, you can enjoy the beauty of the city, its surroundings and the whole Varna region. Departure to the Republic of Romania is discussed separately.
Delivery of the rented car to any address in Kranevo: to the hotel, address, to the station in Varna or to Varna airport
Possibility to rent a car in Kranevo of any class for excursions, including those with departure to Romania. You can visit all the sights of Kranevo, Albena, Balchik and Golden Sands in comfortable conditions with a guide or independently.
24-hour customer support. In any city in Bulgaria we will help you to solve any problems.
The possibility of returning the car in any place convenient for you (negotiated when concluding the contract)
You can rent a car without a deposit!
We work in car rental Kranevo around the clock. Vehicles are transferred to the customer clean inside and outside. In addition, the order is available to equip them with child seats, navigators, video recorders and ski bindings.


Rent a car Kranevo Bulgaria

The village of Kranevo is located on the northern coast of the Black Sea. In a picturesque place surrounded by green hills and forest. 25 km north of Varna, between Albena and Golden Sands. The climate is mild, temperate continental. Kranevo is located on the territory of a magnificent park. It is a pleasure to walk around, cypress trees, lindens, oaks. Figs and ivy grow in it, and villas and bungalows hide among this magnificence. Beach Kranevo stretches over the territory of the resort. Just 6 km and smoothly passes into the beach of Albena resort. The seabed is gentle, without dangerous currents and depths. Completely safe even for small children. A walk to the southern part of the beach will lead you to the fishing village. Where it will be interesting for lovers of fishing and boating. Kranevo is first of all children’s camps and complexes. Private houses and apartments, and very low prices for a seaside resort.
Now Kranevo is actively developing as a center for family and children’s recreation. In recent years a lot of comfortable hotels and villas have been built here. Many options for children’s sports development. Swimming pools, football, volleyball, basketball courts, tennis courts, bicycle rental. Entertainment and educational games, contests and competitions are held. You can also relax on the beach, in the halls of children’s gaming machines, a disco, a cinema.
In the evening, it’s not necessary to be bored here. Kranevo offers you many restaurants with national Bulgarian cuisine and aromatic Bulgarian wines. As well as Chinese, Indian, European and Arabic cuisine. Cafes and bars are located on the shopping street. As well as several clubs and discos, disco bars and a summer cinema. Kranevo is famous for its hot healing mineral waters beating all year round. And which are successfully used in the treatment of diseases. Such as the musculoskeletal system skin and neuralgia, and many other chronic diseases. There are no large stores in Kranevo. But there are many stalls and pavilions with everything needed for rest. And even clothes, as well as several Supermarket stores that work 24 hours. At any hotel there are hairdressers, massage parlors, fitness halls, jacuzzi.

Car rental service from Star rent a car

The beach at the village of Kranevo is a preferred place for russian tourists. It has many holiday homes and a national children’s center. The village guests can also stay at home in the village.
Over the last few years many new buildings have been built around the beach. The beach is great. The water is clean and warm.
Baltata reserve is located in the village of Kranevo and is 11 km away from the town of Balchik. The Baltata is located in the immediate vicinity of the resort Albena and the Batova River.

Car rental Kranevo Bulgaria

Car rental service is gaining increasing popularity. When choosing a company in which you plan to take a car. You should pay attention to several factors. The reputation of the rental company, attitude to customers, the condition of cars. Ease of receiving and returning the car, as well as the proposed payment methods. Star rent a car offers for rent a large selection of reliable, comfortable and well-groomed cars. From well-known manufacturers on the terms of daily rent in the territory of Varna and Burgas. For trips around Bulgaria and with the possibility of going abroad.
We strive to take into account the modern rhythm of life of our clients. Thus, the Star rent a car office is located next to Varna and Burgas airports and is open daily from 09:00 am to 20:00 pm. During business hours, we provide a free car supply within the precincts of Varna and Burgas. When renting a car for three days and with the availability of technical capability. Also, the car can be issued at another time – in the early morning, late evening and even at night.
For your convenience, we provide car delivery to Varna Airport and Burgas Airport. To any railway station, as well as to any address in the city or the nearest one. The delivery of cars is carried out by a qualified employee. Always – in good light conditions (whether it is parking at our office or the place of issue at the address). and our cars are always transferred to our clients in a clean state.
For corporate clients, our company is ready to offer long-term car rental. On attractive terms with full execution of all documents. Payment is possible in any convenient way – by credit card, cashless method, cash. And we provide 24/7 technical support.
We will be glad to see you driving our cars!

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