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Rent a car Varna Bulgaria



The minimum age is 23 years and a minimum of three years of driving experience. It is possible to rent a car from young drivers for an additional fee of 50 Euros and a deposit of 500 Euros paid by credit card.

After sending an inquiry for the selected car from our website, a staff member will confirm the availability of the car and you should provide a photo of your driver's license and ID card / passport. The details of the delivery and return of the car are agreed with our associate.

It is possible to receive the car in one city and return it to another for an additional fee. You can receive / return a car free of charge in the city of Varna and the city of Bourgas, as well as Varna Airport and Bourgas Airport. Upon arrival at Varna airport, and return:

  • Varna Airport - Golden Sands - 10 Euro
  • Varna Airport - Golden Sands - 10 Euro
  • Varna Airport - Byala, Obzor - 20 Euro
  • Varna Airport - St. Vlas, Sunny Beach, Ravda, Nessebar - 25 Euro
  • Varna - Pomorie Airport, Bourgas Airport - 30 Euro
  • Varna - Sozopol Airport - 40 Euro
  • Varna - Tsarevo Airport - 45 Euro
  • Varna - Sofia Airport - 100 Euro
  • Upon receipt at Bourgas Airport, and return
  • Bourgas - Pomorie Airport 10 Euro
  • Bourgas Airport - Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Ravda, St. Vlas - 15 Euros
  • Bourgas - Sozopol Airport - 20 Euro
  • Bourgas - Tsarevo Airport - 30 Euro
  • Bourgas Airport - Varna Airport - 30 Euro
  • Bourgas Airport - Varna Airport - 30 Euro
  • For all other destinations you can ask our associate.

When renting a car for a period of less than 7 days, a mileage of 200 km/day is permissible, the additional kilometers are charged at BGN 0.20 / km. With a monthly rent, a standard mileage of 3000 km / month is included, and the additional kilometers are charged at BGN 0.08 / km

The rental price includes civil liability insurance and paid toll - vignette.

Full coverage insurance is voluntary and provides coverage for the car against various risks such as fire, natural disasters, car theft or accident due to a collision with another car or object on the road, etc. Releases the tenant from liability when providing a report by the traffic police for an event. Additional conditions provided by the insurer are applicable.

You can cancel your reservation free of charge no later than 96 hours before the rental date.

The amount of the deposit for cars of economy and average class is 100 Euros, of premium class 400 Euros. Exceptions are allowed for loyal customers - rent without a deposit.

A second driver can enter the rental agreement free of charge.

No prepayment is required when booking.

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