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Rent a car Burgas

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– 24-hour roadside assistance for car rentals in Burgas and throughout Bulgaria.

– Replacement of a rented car in case of an accident and damage throughout Bulgaria.

– Road instructions, maps of Burgas and Bulgaria are always available upon request.

– free delivery at the international airport in Burgas and for a period exceeding one week, delivery and collection to any point in Burgas.

– child seats and GPS systems are available (upon request) for a small fee for the entire rental period.

– Our direct, definitive, competitive prices for rentacar in Burgas, without “hidden add-ons” that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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– an extensive fleet of cars of all types and categories. Renovated and well maintained with only original spare parts, ensuring a calm and safe journey around Burgas and Bulgaria.

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Burgas is an ideal place for those who want to relax and unwind in nature, but do not want to do without the comfort and cultural offer of a big city. Burgas lives and breathes the history of ancient Thrace, which is illustrated by historical sites. The Sea Garden is the city’s green lung and the site of the annual sand festival. The lakes and nature reserve invite you to hike and relax.

Burgas has a lot to offer. Among the many great things about Bulgarian coastal cities are their gigantic coastal parks where all the entertainment, sports facilities, gardens and cultural sites are combined into one attraction. You will return to the Sea Garden again and again during your stay just because it is here many attractions of the city.

Within these 72,000 square meters there is a forested area, elegant embankments with fountains, playgrounds, cafes, ice cream stands, an open-air theater, tennis courts – the choice of things just goes on and on, and on summer evenings you can come downstairs for a classical concert.

Rent a car Burgas
Rent a car Burgas

The North Beach is the most popular beach in Burgas and is popular with locals and tourists. Right on the beach you will find several restaurants and cozy beach bars offering refreshing drinks and Bulgarian cuisine. The beach is surrounded by beautiful sights: for example, the Seaside Park in the background is perfect for walking, and the pink Atanasovsko Lake is not far away. If you want to be physically active, you can rent a pedalo or book a course at a local windsurfing school. Paragliders surround the beach almost every day and enjoy the view.


A beautiful sandy beach is located right in the center of Burgas and therefore very easy to reach. The beach is located between the port and the Burgas bridge, one of the most famous landmarks of the city. The beach area is reserved for guests who want to set up their own umbrella. There you will meet mostly locals, they like to swim naked, and dogs are welcome. In the central part of the beach you will find sun loungers and parasols for a fee. Two bars and a nice beach bar cater to hungry beach goers. A wide embankment leads along the Seaside Park and further to the neighboring North Beach.

Car rental Burgas Bulgaria

If you are planning your next vacation in Burgas, Bulgaria, you should rent a car with “Star Rent A Car”, because we offer car rental in Burgas without deposit. If you ask why, we will answer this question in the following words. We all want to enjoy the sights of every city we visit, and Burgas is no exception. The large flow of tourists visiting this Bulgarian coast every year makes it one of the most famous. There are many reasons to see the beaches and landscapes of Burgas Bulgaria at least once in a lifetime. So, if this fate is on your schedule, you need the best transport to travel comfortably, safely and in time to see this beautiful region – just rent a car in Burgas. Burgas is located in the southern part of Bulgaria. Due to its natural beauty, this place is visited by many tourists every year. All ideal locations to enjoy the best sunsets after a good day at the beach. When you arrive in the city, there are many places to visit. If you like history and want to learn about its culture with our new and comfortable cars, just rent a car in Burgas from Star Rent A Car.

Rent a car Burgas
Rent a car Burgas

Our offers for the day with a rented car in Burgas.

Burgas is history.

The whole history of Burgas is connected with the sea. The very location of the city, surrounded on three sides by water, is the main reason for its emergence and development. In the 18th century, Burgas was first noticed by Europeans, in fact it was the most important port south of the Balkans. The sea map of 1854 gives the first information about the urban planning of the city, which occupied an area of ​​420 thousand square meters. In the era of the Bulgarian national revival, national ideologies and aspirations for the creation of the Bulgarian school and the Orthodox Church were formed. Bulgarian scientists arrived in Burgas from Constantinople and founded the Burgas municipality. The architectural landscape of the city is sad: dirty streets, scattered buildings of port warehouses, dilapidated houses. In 1891 the first city plan of Burgas was approved. There are 289 micro-districts here, green areas have not been forgotten – 7 gardens have been formed. In 1912, a new part of the donated lands joined the city to the benefactor Alexander Georgiev Kodzhakafaliyat. Burgas grew rapidly during the first decade of this century. The construction of the central part with a beautiful seaside garden, city gardens, a large casino on the seashore begins.

First stop after renting a car in Burgas:

* The monument to the Russian soldier is located on Troikat Square in the center of Burgas. It is also known as “Alyosha Monument”. It was built in honor of the Russian soldiers who died for the liberation of Bulgaria and is also called the “Monument of the Bulgarian-Russian Friendship”. The monument is a tall concrete column covered with marble slabs, with a figure of a soldier with a raised hand.

After walking to the monument, you can take your rented car for a well-deserved rest on the beach in Burgas.
* The central beach in Burgas is located along the entire length of the picturesque sea garden, its length is about 2 km, and its width is 30 m, the sand is darker, almost black, umbrellas do not occupy the entire beach, the beach is clean, there is almost no seaweed in the water.
After relaxing on the beach, a few minutes by car from Star rent a car Burgas, your next stop is Burgas Plaza Shopping Center.

* Mall Burgas Plaza is a modern shopping center designed in accordance with the best world practices. The building is two-level. The mall is a preferred shopping destination as it has many outlets dedicated to selling men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, toys, home appliances, telecommunications and more. The mall has fast food chains, gourmet restaurants, cafes and a hypermarket.

Rent a car Burgas

At the end of the day, just a few minutes away in your rental car Burgas, you can relax in the salt baths.

* The Black Sea salt baths are one of the most famous places in Burgas. People from all over the country and from abroad come here to plunge into medicinal lye and apply medicinal mud. Saltworks are located 3 km from the city. They can be easily reached on foot from the north beach. They are small and very thick due to the salt, so you are unlikely to drown. You can lie on your back in them, but do not linger for a long time – 15-20 minutes is enough. There is lye at the bottom of the salt shaker.

This is our offer for a day with a rental car in Burgas. With renting a car in Burgas, planning your day becomes quick and enjoyable. Our Star Rent a car Burgas team is always ready to provide useful advice.

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