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Rent a car Byala – general information.

Byala Municipality is situated in the central part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. To the north and northwest borders with Dolni Chiflik municipality / Varna district / and to the south and southwest with the municipality of Nessebar / Bourgas region /.
The municipality includes 6 settlements: Byala, Goritsa, Gospodinovo, Dyulino village, Popovich village, Samotino village
By 31 December 2004, the population of Byala municipality was 3356 people.
Administrative center town of Byala. The same is located almost equidistant from the two district towns – Varna (50 km) and Bourgas (70 km). The closest town, at a distance of 5 km, is Obzor, municipality of Nessebar.

The contemporary relief of Byala Municipality can be characterized as hilly. In the western and northern part of the municipality fall the eastern slopes of Kamchia mountain. These slopes descend smoothly to the sea with a slope of 2 to 5%. The altitude of the town of Byala is 42 m.
The coastline of the municipality is characterized by a combination of rocky coast, small bays, sandy dunes. The shoreline is steep and disintegrated, which leads to severely limiting the beach potential, but on the other hand it gives it attractiveness, which is a valuable resort resource. The total length of the beach is 14,300 m or about 3% of the whole length of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Most of the beaches have east, northeast and southeastern exposure, which offers more optimal sunshine conditions. The total length of the beach is 6244 m, or about 16% of the total length of the beach stripes, located on the territory of Varna District.

Byala wine.

White were developed: hotel and restaurant management; agriculture, hunting and forestry; trade, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and motorcycles, of personal effects and of household goods; processing industry;

The investor interest in Byala is now huge. Most of them are modern housing estates, hotels, houses and villas.
Tourism is a major branch developed in Byala. There is a solid base for recreation and relaxation, which will develop at an extremely fast pace in the near future. It is planned and is being developed for the further development of yacht tourism. Rent a car Byala Bulgaria and explore nearby beaches.

One of the traditional livelihoods in Byala is wine and viticulture. Large areas of vineyards are sown in Byala.
Another sector that is well developed in Byala is fisheries. Since ancient times, locals have used the sea for their livelihood. There is a conceptual project to create a fishing village near the port of Byala.

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