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Numerous architectural and ceramic fragments, remnants of fortress walls and columns testify to the millennial history of Obzor.
In 510 BC, the first colony of Messembria (Nessebar) was founded, and soon afterwards the settlers from Messambria founded a new Naval Sea Colony (Obzor).

Pliny Stari named another name for Navluh – Heliopolis / Sunny Town /. Roman rulers refer to a fortress protected by strong walls and playing an important role on the Pontiac Path from Byzantium. Which crossed the Strandja on the Black Sea coast and connected Anhialo with the lands north to the Danube. The name of the settlement in this guide was Jupiter’s Temple.


The fortress was entered through the north and south gate. At its center, where the square of Obzor now stands, was built a beautiful Temple of Jupiter which gave the name of the village.
The town of Obzor is a small, quiet and cozy resort village. Situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with vast beaches, fresh air, hospitable people, numerous opportunities for recreation. Which is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Bulgaria.

In recent years, in connection with the opening of borders, the increased number of foreign and local tourists and their needs, the city has become a modern seaside resort.

Obzor Bulgaria.

Along with newly built luxury hotel complexes, private sector improvements have been made. Many restaurants, clubs and night bars have been opened. The feast of the town of Obzor is celebrated on June 24 – Enyovden. This is one of the most important summer holidays in the folk calendar. On this date is also celebrated the birth of St. John the Baptist. This ancient Bulgarian custom is the main turning point in the mythological calendar of the ancient peoples associated with the summer solstice, when the day is the longest and the night is the shortest.

According to the people’s ideas on that day, the sun is slowly starting to dying and the year bending towards the winter. This holiday has many beliefs about the sun, the water, and the healing plants. It is also considered a day of herbalists. Rent a car Obzor Bulgaria.

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