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Rent a car Pomorie – general information

The town of Pomorie is located in South-East Bulgaria and is the center of the municipality of Pomorie. The city has a unique nature, making it an attractive place for year-round recreation and treatment of various diseases. It is situated on a narrow rocky peninsula (issued 3.5 km in the Black Sea) at a distance of 20 km from Bourgas and 18 km from Sunny Beach resort.

The city was founded in IV BC. near a salt lake, called by the ancient Thracians “sacred” because of its healing abilities.

The climate is extremely favorable: the duration of sunlight reaches 2360 hours per year. The average air and water temperature in July is 23.6 ° C. The sea breezes periodically refresh the air.

Pomorie Bay is preferred for yachting and sailing and the harbor – by lovers of fishermen. Together with the traditional means of livelihood of the local population (viticulture, wine production, salt production and fishing), tourism and its accompanying activities make Pomorie an attractive resort for tourism and balneology. The town’s attractions are the Ayazmo in St. George’s Monastery. According to the story there are buried part of the relics of St. George, and the source above them is with healing water. On May 6th May, the city’s annual fair is organized, as part of the tradition is the visit to the Ayazmo, where everyone pours water for health.

This is an exciting occasion to visit the city to see local customs and a festive atmosphere. The city is a wonderful place for family tourism. Due to its interesting infrastructure, pleasant and safe beaches the city has become a favorite place for families with young children. Part of the summer events in the city are “Week of the Sea” and “Yavorov Days”. Both events are celebrated with daily concerts and public events that every summer pleasantly surprise the holidaymakers in the city.

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