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The ancient town of Nessebar is located 30 km north of Bourgas, on a small peninsula in the Black Sea. Connected by a long and narrow isthmus with the new part of the town of Nessebar. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was founded about 3000 years before the Thracian era and is considered the city of Bulgaria. With the most preserved architectural monuments from the Middle Ages. In the old Nessebar there are 23 churches and cultural monuments – from early Christian basilica to a dome Byzantine church – specimens reflecting the architectural and artistic influence of the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras.

The cultural heritage of the ancient city is presented in four museum exhibitions:

– Archaeological Museum, presenting the rich material culture of Messambria – Messembria – Nessebar from antiquity, Middle Ages and Renaissance.
– Ethnographic museum – house “Moskoyani”
– The church “St. Stefan – XI century, frescoes – XVI c., Iconostasis – XVII c.
– The Church of St. Spas, frescoes – XVII century. Interiors of some of the better preserved medieval churches without frescoes have been turned into cozy art galleries, run by local art galleries. Due to its unique natural surroundings and the very well-preserved monuments of different epochs at the VIIth Session of the World Heritage Committee in Florence in 1983, the Old Town of Nessebar is included in the World Heritage List.

Ancient Nessebar

The Assumption Church is the only functioning church in Old Nessebar, built in 1873. It is the largest and best preserved three-nave basilica in the city with a dome and late iconography. The miracle icon is stored in the temple “Assumption” in the Old Town. They call it The Black Virgin because of the dark color of the images of the Virgin Mary and Her Son.

The origin of the icon is unknown. According to a legend, it is a Greek military icon (military icons in dark colors) of the 13th century, captured by Tsar Ivan Assen II in the Battle of Klokotnitsa, when the Bulgarians defeated the army of Theodore Komnin. According to another tradition, the icon was brought to Nesebar by St. Forest. People left the icon in a certain place, but several times found it in the branches of a high tree. Believers have accepted this as a clear sign of God that masters build a temple precisely at the place designated by the icon.

Thus was built the temple “Assumption” in Nessebar. While the church was built, the icon of the Mother of God was stored in the other Nessebar temple – “St. George the Victorious”. Explore the ancient Nessebar with rent a car Nessebar Bulgaria.


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