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Rent car in Albena Bulgaria – general information about Albena.

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Going to Albena Bulgaria?  All you need to know:

On what conditions can I use the car rental service in Albena?

Renting a car in Albena with a driver will allow you to completely relax and forget about the pressing problems and working issues that need to be addressed. If you really want to relax and do not want to be nervous in traffic jams, do not think about the price of gasoline and the need for timely refueling, then rent a car in Albena with a personal driver will be the best solution for you. A professional in his field, he will take you to the chosen point of the route, and you will only have to enjoy the beautiful views and the relaxing atmosphere of the resort.

For those who enjoy the process of driving a vehicle, we offer a large selection of cars that can be rented without a driver. In order to book a car in Albena, you must provide a driver’s license and passport, but it should be noted that the service is available to people aged 23 and over, and the rental price depends on the class of car. More information can be found on our website.

Our company is very popular among holidaymakers, because here you can always rent car in accordance with your wishes. All vehicles undergo regular maintenance and are provided to the client in proper working condition. In order to use the services of car rental Albena and order a car, leave a request on the website or call the specified phone number.

Having planned a trip with children to Bulgaria and opting for the Albena resort. You can be sure that you have made the right choice. A relatively young and modern resort on the Black Sea coast was founded in 1969. And since then it occupies a leading position in the ranking of the best places for family holidays in Bulgaria.
Interestingly, the resort belongs to the same owner and is named. After the beautiful Albena – the heroine of one of the literary works of the famous Bulgarian writer Jordan Yovkov. Who became a symbol of purity and beauty.
Indeed, this complex seeks to match its name and be beautiful. And most importantly, well-groomed. This is confirmed by the presence of the “blue flag”. Which is received as a reward only environmentally friendly resorts.
But thanks to the original architectural solution, a huge recreational complex appeared in the steppe. Which became a wonderful addition to the natural wealth of these places. It is not a city in essence, although it can be equal in infrastructure with small settlements.
Vacation with children
Holidays in Albena are recommended for families with children, and not in vain. The incredible combination of the sea with the unique nature reserve “Baltata”. Next to the city, allows you to get more aesthetic pleasure from staying in this place.
In the evenings, it is pleasant to stroll along the embankment. Breathe in the fresh, crystal-clear air. And at the same time pamper your children with entertainment. In the form of some games or attractions. Which are represented here in huge quantities.
Car rental Albena Bulgaria
Star rent a car will provide car according to your needs. We offer full insurance with the cars for rent, zero excess. No matter purpose of your visit we are your partner in Albena.
Economy or 4×4, manual or automatic – you can be sure that Star rent a car will choose car according to your needs. Spacious minivans, comfortable sedans – all cars are with air conditioner and safety systems.
With every car rented from our company we can provide child seats or navigation.

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Just one fact is enough. That here is the widest sandy beach in Bulgaria. With a perfect entry into the water for kids and a clean sandy bottom. The sea near the shore is shallow – just enough to teach a child to float.
The fact that Albena is adapted for children. And this is showed by the presence of more than 20 equipped playgrounds. Children’s pools, an amusement park, trampolines, bicycle and car rental points, water sports on the beach, and mini clubs.
A rich children’s cultural program in any season. Includes festivals, competitions, thematic programs and many other events.
Car rent Albena Bulgaria
Besides, while relaxing in Albena, you can send your child to a riding school or a diving center. Children, regardless of age, will always be fun and interesting here.
And at the same time, despite such an plenty of entertainment, calm and tranquility are inherent in the resort. It is easy to find a cozy place to walk with a baby.
Do not stand aside and hotels. Offering many discounts and certain bonuses for visitors to Albena with children. Unlike many other resorts, children under the age of 14 can count on big discounts.
Albena is built only as a summer tourist complex, where everything is focused on a beach holiday. Accordingly, one can come here only in summer, which lasts here from the end of May to mid-September.
The opening of the season in Albena can be considered the start of the water park. And he usually receives the first guests in early June.
The air in June is already warm enough to sunbathe on the beach, but the water in the sea remains cold. If you really want to swim, we recommend choosing a hotel or apartments with a swimming pool.
June weather is sometimes rainy. In such a case, you can plan a trip to Varna, where there are indoor playgrounds for children.
The high season in Albena begins in July and lasts until the end of August. These are the warmest months, and the sea finally has time to warm up – so much so that children do not want to get out of it. There are many tourists in the resort, but more than one thousand people can sit on the 5-kilometer beach.
The first days of September – velvet season. The sun is not as hot as in summer, and the sea remains warm. But sometimes the beginning of autumn brings cold and rain. Although, as a rule, bad weather begins in the second half of September.
It should be noted that the hotels of Albena are opening already in the middle of spring. Of course, in May it is still too early to sunbathe and swim. But walking along the beach and breathing the healing sea air is the right time.
In order not to find out whether a small child is well tolerated in the heat. We recommend planning a vacation for the last spring month.
And the decision on when to go to Albena? May be affected by information about children’s festivals that take place at the resort. The most important events traditionally occur in the summer.
In June, the Stars of Albena shine here. On this holiday of talents kids from different countries come together. It is interesting to be a participant. But the spectator is even more interesting: for a whole week you can follow the most interesting performances.
In July, Albena hosts the Friends of Bulgaria song and dance festival. The audience is awaited by daily concerts in which children and teenagers take part. Rent a car Albena

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