Аренда автомобилей Варна Болгария

Компания по прокату автомобилей Варна Болгария

Terms of use

1. The lessee must be at least 23 years old to have identity documents - identity card and driver’s license. Driving experience of at least 3 years.
2. The minimum rental period is 3 days with a maximum allowable mileage of 200 km per day. The maximum monthly mileage of 3000 km. Extra kilometers are charged BGN 0.20. / Km.
3. Car cannot leave Bulgaria without the written statement from the lessor or a fine of 2000 leva. For an additional fee, the car can be driven in Romania, Turkey / European part /, Greece, Northern Macedonia. Administrative non-refundable fee of BGN 200 for each country. And a total deposit of BGN 800.
4. The rental price includes liability insurance and a road tax / vignette /
4.1. Casco insurance can be added for an additional fee of 10 leva per day. Casco insurance does not cover damage to tires, wheels, not caused by a fire or accident, as confirmed by the traffic police report
4.2. Casco insurance is considered invalid in case of damage to the car when driving on a dirt road or on the road. Damage caused to the chassis or car body due to movement on dirt roads is paid until the car is fully restored, due to a fine for the time during which the car cannot be used, regardless of the type of insurance.
4.3. The rental price is 24 hours. A delay of 1-4 hours is charged with 50% of the daily rent and more than 4 hours with a full daily rent
4.4. The rental price does not include fuel. Possible prepayment of fuel. Receipt with full and return with an empty tank.
4,5. The car is provided cleaned and washed inside and out and received at the end of the rental period in the same condition. Car cleaning is paid at the price of 20 leva. Heavily polluted cars are paid at the price of 60 leva.
4.6. In case of damage, loss or damage to the car or its parts, as well as in the case of damage to the interior, regardless of fault - it is obliged to pay compensation, including restoration costs, return / repatriation costs / and lost profits for the time of repair.
4.7 In case of loss of a registration certificate, key or registration mark, a fine of BGN 300 is paid.
5. When renting a car with basic coverage of civil liability insurance / without additional insurance / a deposit of BGN 200 is charged.

Lessee obligation

1. The lessee agrees to use the car in accordance with its purpose and take care of it with the care of a good owner. In the event of an accident or damage, all measures must be taken to limit or reduce damage to the rented car. In case of an accident, comply with the requirements of the Law on Road Traffic and the rules for its application regarding written reports and other documents issued by the police / CAT /. In the event of damage or accident, the tenant must notify the landlord, reports on all facts, circumstances and witness data related to this, and also provides full assistance to the landlord in clarifying the incident. The Lessee agrees to take measures to exercise the rights of the Lessor in relation to third parties.
2. The lessee has no right to sell or mortgage the rented car or provide it to third parties not specified in the rental agreement. He is forbidden to use it for towing trailers, as well as for participating in competitions, training or testing, for transporting bulky, bulk or other building materials. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants.
3. The lessee is required to comply with traffic restrictions. In case of violation, bears full responsibility for fines caused by non-compliance with the above law. If the tenant’s guilt is proven by video recording or photographic material from the authorities, AUA or NP, the tenant pays all amounts and payments of administrative and court fees, including the services of a lawyer employed by the landlord.
4. The lessee agrees after signing the lease agreement that his personal data specified in the agreement will be used to bring to criminal and civil liability in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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